This time of year

Over the next few weeks, I will sit down review my long term portfolio and make some changes before the end of the financial year.

This year has seen some highs and lows on our market, in my portfolio I have success stories like Lynas Corp and dismal failures like Elders. So now its time to decide what to keep, and more importantly whether I need to crystalise any of the losses or continue to hold the positions.

What sectors in the market are moving ahead and what sectors are falling behind, is the balance inside my portfolio still effective or do I need to change the weight?

Once I have decided what I will take a loss on (if anything), it allows 6 weeks to find the best possible market timing to make the transaction – the last thing I want to do is to make these decisions late in June and just take what the market is giving me.

Remember, regular portfolio updates are an important part of your investments, especially when the tax man is ready to pounce.

What are some of your years highs and lows?

Cause and Effect

We all want to do the best job we can do, for me at the moment its about building the best relationships and getting the very best returns for the clients I take care of. Exceeding their expectations and surpassing the revenue levels to where bonuses kick in, systematically growing my little corner day after day – this can be made easier or harder by other staff and management. Either way I will strive to do the best job I can for the clients, the business and myself. — This is my pledge.

When you are in a great mood – everyone around you seems happy.
When you are in a crappy mood – everything seems harder, people respond to you differently.

You get good news –> you react positively –> you spread your joy around.
You get bad news –> you react negatively –> you spread your negativity around.

What you do is effecting those around you – this isn’t new or insightful, its fact.
If you act like a dick people will treat you and think of you like a dick.
So its important to act as though you want others to treat you.

When dealing with people, it is essential that you manage their expectations as part of the process. Whether your performance is outstanding or weaker than expected, promises kept or broken – the perception is what holds the ongoing relationship together, for clients, staff and partners.

We can only ever control our self, if we do the best we can do, improve day after day and exceed expectations – others will notice, and even if they don’t – if we are performing at our best that should be making us happy.

Always try to put out positives rather than negatives.